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“Season 10”
Little House

M.01 Look Back to Yesterday  (203 - 2‑hour TV movie)

M.02 Bless All the Dear Children  (204 - 2‑hour TV movie)

M.03 The Last Farewell  (205 - 2‑hour TV movie)


Little House postage stamp

Starring: Melissa Gilbert, Dean Butler, Richard Bull, Victor French as Mr. Edwards. Executive Producer: Michael Landon. Produced by Kent McCray. Developed for Television by Blanche Hanalis. Based Upon the "Little House" Series of Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Kevin Hagen (Dr. Baker), Dabbs Greer (Reverend Alden 1,3), Jonathan Gilbert1 (Willie Oleson 1,3), Allison Balson (Nancy Oleson), Stan Ivar (John Carter), Pamela Roylance (Sarah Carter), Lindsay Kennedy (Jeb Carter), David Friedman (Jason Carter), Shannen Doherty (Jenny Wilder), Leslie Landon2 (Etta Plum), Robert Casper (Sherwood Montague), Sherri Stoner (Rachel Brown 1,3).

Jerry Taylor A.C.E. (Editor), George Renne (Art Director), Brianne Murphy A.S.C. (Director of Photography 1), Haskell B. Boggs A.S.C. (Director of Photography 2), Ted Voigtländer A.S.C. (Director of Photography 3), Marvin Coil (Associate Producer), Susan Sukman3 (Casting), David Rose (Music), Don Webb (Set Decoration), Kent McCray (Production Manager), Reid Rummage (Assistant Director 1,2), Maury Dexter (Assistant Director 3), Brad Yacobian (Second Assistant Director), Hank Edds S.M.A. (Makeup), Claude Thompson (Makeup 1), Allan Snyder (Makeup 2,3), Bridget Cook (Hair Stylist 1), Darby Hoppin (Hair Stylist), Lillian Barb (Hair Stylist 2,3), Mike Termini (Men's Costumer), Linda Taylor (Women's Costumer), Bill Smith (Assistant Costumer 1,2), Andy Matyasi (Assistant Costumer 3), Deborah Curtis (Assistant Costumer), Dean Wilson (Property Master), Glen Feldman (Assistant Property), Ron Housiaux (Key Grip), Lon Massey III (Gaffer), Kenneth Hunter S.O.C. (Camera Operator), Mike Meinardus S.O.C. (Camera Operator), Erika Wernher (Script Supervisor), Edward P. Ancona (Color Consultant), Anthony F. Brissinger (Sound Recording), M. Curtis Price C.A.S. (Sound Recording), Forrest Williams (Sound Boom), Tim Engel (Production Controller), Clyde Harper (Transportation Coordinator), Bob Goodrich (Transportation Captain), Luke Tillman (Special Effects), Don Winter (Construction Coordinator), Vince Gutierrez (Sound Effects Editor), Breck Warwick (Sound Effects Editor), Tom Gleason (Music Editor), Don Galliher (Dialogue Replacement), Kay Suffern (Negative Cutter), Photographed with Panavision Equipment®, An NBC Production In Association with Ed Friendly.

Interiors shot at MGM Studios, Culver City (now Sony Pictures Studios).

Copyright © MCMLXXXIII [1983] by National Broadcasting Company, Inc.

1 Jonathan Gilbert is the brother of Melissa Gilbert (who plays Laura).
2 Leslie Landon is the daughter of Michael Landon.
3 aka Susan McCray.

Look Back to Yesterday

Newspaper listingEpisode# 10.01 (203)1 – 2 hours
Written by Vince R. Gutierrez
Directed by Victor French
Broadcast December 12, 1983, NBC / Production #8486

Guest Stars: Cooper Huckabee (Vance Reed), Melora Hardin (Michele Pierson), Henry Brandon (Otis Wagner), James T. Callahan (Doctor Houser), Charles Cyphers (Zack Taylor). Special Guest Stars: Michael Landon (Charles Ingalls), Matthew Laborteaux (Albert Ingalls). Co-Starring: Victor Izay (Thomas Hall), Erik Holland (Gunnar Lindstrom), Shonda Whipple (Amy Bryant). Featuring: Lois Hall (Secretary), Robert Balderson (Doctor), Jack Lilley (Townsman #1), Robert Miles (Townsman #2). Jennifer Steffin (Rose Wilder)2, Michelle Steffin (Rose Wilder)2.

1 This is the last appearance of Matthew Laborteaux as Albert.
2 Uncredited on episode's titles.

Charles Ingalls and son Albert return to Walnut Grove to help out with the financial hardships the town is facing. To help with the problems, Charles sets up a cooperative so the town's farmers can compete with larger businesses. Meanwhile, Albert has been experiencing nosebleeds and periods of fatigue, and is diagnosed as having a terminal blood disorder. He elects to spend his final days in Walnut Grove where he takes part in his old school's annual field trip and, despite his illness, manages to climb to the top of a nearby mountain with the rest of the class.

Ah yes, nosebleeds. The perfectly generic symptom of impending death on the prairie. (Hassenfeffer)

Just the utter ridiculousness of Pa and Albert going back to Walnut Grove for him to die. "We'll just call Ma and tell her she won't ever be seeing me again, she won't mind," says Albert. (Taran W.)

Laura is telling Almanzo about an incident of old. She says, "Me and Albert and Willie and another boy named Andy Garvey..." Why did she say this? Almanzo knew who Andy Garvey was! They knew each other. (James M)

When Albert goes to the school, he is glad to hear that the school does their annual field trip of climbing to the top of the mountain and add to the time capsule waiting there. Later, Laura decides to join the class with Albert as they make their trip. She comments to Albert that this is a lot more work than the last time she climbed it, when they were both kids. Didn't she ever take the class on this field trip when she was the teacher? (Alex Trenta)

When everybody forms the circle at the top of the mountain, Jason is initially not in the circle, but then moves forward and takes his place between Miss Plum and Amy. Later shots, though, show him still not part of the circle (look in the background).

Just one of the many inconsistencies of this show that makes it so great. They made Albert a drug addict who "beat his addiction and moved back to be a doctor" but then they also implied that he died of nosebleeds. Although on a few "expert" sites, it is explained that they just implied the death and they never actually showed it happen. The ep apparently ended with Albert & Laura holding hands on a mountain so technically his fatal nosebleed could have stopped and he could have walked down the mountain and become a doctor. (crazy_girl)

The ep concludes with him and Laura all triumphant on top of the "mountain" (because there are so many mountains in Minnesota) after the Tertiary Annual Trip Up Mt. Walnut Grove or whatever. The controversy is over whether we are supposed to conclude that he died after the episode or not. That ep on its own would certainly indicate that he did, but there are some who believe the writers were not smoking the Crack of Zero Continuity, and because the Albert Barfs Drugs ep [Home Again] talks about him coming back as a doctor, believe that he made a miraculous recovery after the end of the nosebleed ep. [But] the town ... got blowed up without any Doctor Albert, so I think that Albert died and we were all supposed to forget about the conclusion of ABD.
The poor writers probably had no idea of the power of syndication. (jird)

Nosebleeds: the first sign of Albert's illness
An upset Laura is comforted by Almanzo
Michele Pierson and Albert kiss
A tearful Charles embraces Albert
Bless All the Dear Children

Newspaper listingEpisode# 10.02 (204) – 2 hours
Written by Chris Abbott-Fish1
Directed by Victor French
Broadcast December 17, 19842, NBC / Production #8487

Guest Stars: Patricia Pearcy (Elsa Norris), Robin Clarke (Patrick Norris), Harvey Vernon (Mr. Baker). Co-Starring: Joel Graves (Sam), J. S. (Joe) Young (Beggar), Colin Hamilton (Mr. Dodsworthy), Stephen Roberts (Dr. Langley). Featuring: Kate Williamson (Nurse), Robert L. Lee (Ticket Agent), Hank Kendrick3 (Sheriff #1), Richard Armstrong (Sheriff #2), Jack Dunlap (Sheriff #3), Garin Bougié (Butcher Boy), Jack Lilley (Stagecoach Driver). Angella Kaye (School Girl)4, Michael Landon (voice of Charles Ingalls)5, Jennifer Steffin (Rose Wilder)4, Michelle Steffin (Rose Wilder)4.6

1 aka Chris Abbott.
2 These three telemovies were originally intended to all be aired in the 1983/4 season. However, sufficient slots were not made available, so NBC ultimately elected to show the series' (very definite) finale (The Last Farewell) before the preceding movie (Bless All the Dear Children), as the latter needed to wait for a Christmas slot because of its content. This is the only deviation from broadcast order I have used in this guide.
3 aka Henry Max Kendrick.
4 Uncredited on episode's titles; these entries have been taken from the Internet Movie Database and have not been verified.
5 Uncredited on episode's titles.
6 Ruth Foster (Mrs. Foster) is credited but does not appear.

While on a Christmas shopping trip for themselves and the Carter family, the Wilders have little Rose stolen by an unbalanced woman whose has just lost her own baby in childbirth. They eventually track down Rose to a remote farm, where they claim the girl back. As a substitute, they leave behind a stowaway called Sam that they picked up along the way. Meanwhile, in Walnut Grove, the Carters expect a lean Christmas as, because of the Rose incident, the Wilders have not returned with the presents they were fetching for them. Jason Carter is reduced to trying to sell a pint-sized Christmas tree – which he finally dumps on the prickly Mr. Montague. However, Mr. Montague is touched by the gesture, and on Christmas night arrives at the Carter house in Santa Claus garb bearing gifts for all.

This was the very last installment of the show aired, and definitely not a good way to bow out.
Everybody walks around outside in shirt sleeves and summer blouses with a clumsy added-on-later narration explaining that the winter was unseasonably warm that year (the actual December temperature would have been around -7°C!)
By the end of the film, the writer has got his trowel out and is thickly laying on a mawkish analogy to the nativity. And as for the whole idea of leaving a kid to be parented by a half-mad child abductor...

In "Bless The Damn Children", he [ML] had just clearly given up. Evident from the opening VO about how that was the year it was 98 degrees in a Minnesota December. I guess they recorded over the original opening explaining that they had no budget for a snow making machine.
... And then it was just a re-hashing of old plots from each season:
Cute orphan? check
Delusional mother kidnapping a child? check
Horrendous 1980's haircuts? check (charlieboo)

It was Christmas, and during the first hour they were walking around without coats. It was summery, California Christmas. Instead of going to Mankato to buy the town's gifts, they must have gone to L.A.
Suddenly, they began wearing coats. Like someone slapped their hand to their head and said, "Oops, we're supposed to be in Minnesota!" but didn't want to spend the money to reshoot. (oceanblue)

"Bless All The Mullet Children" just makes me mad cause everyone is so stupid, as in:
"Rose, wait RIGHT HERE while your parents totally ignore you."
"Hey! Let's leave this orphan child with the nutcase who kidnapped Rose. Nothing could go wrong here." (prairiegal)

Look closely at the photo that Almanzo shows to the ticket man at the station. It would appear to be in color! (Having said that, photos could be hand-colored at the time, but did The Producers consider that?)
Point 2 is that the picture that Laura then immediately shows to the old guy sitting on the platform (the guy who befriended Rose) is a different photo (it is this second photo that is used in other scenes where it is shown). (Steve)

Little Rose Wilder
The disturbed Elsa Norris
Jason Carter harvests a Christmas tree
Santa Claus aka Sherwood Montague
The Last Farewell

Newspaper listingEpisode# 10.03 (205) – 2 hours
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Michael Landon
Broadcast February 6, 19841, NBC / Production #8488

Guest Stars: James Karen (Nathan Lassiter), Dennis Robertson (Drew Coleson), Roger Torrey (Colonel Forbes). Special Guest Stars: Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls), Michael Landon (Charles Ingalls). Co-Starring: Rod Colbin (Mr. Davis), Alvy Moore (1st Mayor), Bill McLennan (2nd Mayor). Featuring: Ron Meszaros2 (Customer), Diane Kennerly (Girl), Steve Rumph (Arnie), Gary Pagett (Turner), Alex Sharp (Henchman), Ruth Foster (Mrs. Foster), Jack Lilley (Stagecoach Driver). Angella Kaye (School Girl)3, Larry Moran (Tom)3, Jennifer Steffin (Rose Wilder)3, Michelle Steffin (Rose Wilder)3.

1 These three telemovies were originally intended to all be aired in the 1983/4 season. However, sufficient slots were not made available, so NBC ultimately elected to show the series' (very definite) finale (The Last Farewell) before the preceding movie (Bless All the Dear Children), as the latter needed to wait for a Christmas slot because of its content. This is the only deviation from broadcast order I have used in this guide.
2 aka Ross McKerras.
3 Uncredited on episode's titles; these entries have been taken from the Internet Movie Database and have not been verified.

Charles and Caroline travel back to Walnut Grove for a vacation and stay in their old cabin while the Carters are away. A greedy development company proves to the townsfolk that they now own the town land, and each resident must either henceforth work for them or else vacate their property. The Wilders are the first to refuse the ultimatum and an armed standoff follows involving the army. Rev. Alden makes the townsfolk see they have lost; they surrender their weapons and prepare to leave town. However, Laura gives them the idea to destroy everything behind them, and every building – bar the church and "Little House" cabin – is dynamited to matchwood by its respective owner.

LHOP goes out in style with, literally, a big bang. (Most TV explosions are pretty weedy, but they laid on some whoppers here!) However, the plot is basically a copy of The Empire Builders from just over a year before.
It's nice to see Karen Grassle back for this finale, but the icing on the cake would have been an appearance from Melissa Sue Anderson.

Jason is going swimming with one of the boys from school. But this is supposed to take place shortly before Easter, in other words March or early April. At that time of year the waters in Minnesota are still rather cold for swimming. Apparently, as in Bless All the Dear Children, it was an unseasonably warm year. (midwestmusician)

Nasty Mr Lassiter seems to imply that Walnut Grove is part of the "land around" Mesabi. It's nowhere near it – they are at opposite ends of the state.

Mr Montague plays "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov, but it wasn't written until 1899/1900.

And what was up with the final shot being of bunnies in front of the Little House? What the hell does that have to do with anything? (kmp)

OK, I could be totally wrong here (it happens a lot) but I think the bunnies were supposed to be a symbol of how life goes on. I know we were always told that rabbits are a symbol of continuing life (ie Easter Bunny) when I was in Christian school, I guess because they reproduce so quickly. So these bunnies were a symbol of how the people of Walnut Grove would survive and, apparently, multiply. (lovelinus)

An armed Caroline faces the developers
Standoff against the military in the middle of town
The first building to go: the Wilder place
Reverend Alden takes a last look at the Walnut Grove sign

Reunion for the "Today" TV show

Reunion for the Today TV show in April, 2014. Left to right: Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls/Wilder), Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls, Ma), Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder, husband of Laura), Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls/Kendall), Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson/Dalton, town bully), Lindsay Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls), Matthew Laborteaux (Albert Quinn/Ingalls, adopted son), Michael Landon Jr. (son of the late Michael Landon).

Reunion for the "Entertainment Weekly" magazine

Reunion for the Entertainment Weekly magazine in November, 2014. Left to right: Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls/Wilder), Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder, husband of Laura), Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls/Kendall), Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls, Ma), Lindsay Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls), Charlotte Stewart (Miss Beadle, schoolteacher), Matthew Laborteaux (Albert Quinn/Ingalls, adopted son), Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson/Dalton, town bully).

Reunion for Dantia Florance of The Littman Talent Group

Reunion of Little House stars represented by Dantia Florance and The Littman Talent Group in March, 2017. Left to right: Rachel (Lindsay) Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls), Dan McBride (various small roles), Ketty Lester (Hester-Sue Terhune, helper at the blind school), Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane Wilder, schoolteacher), Wendi Lee (née Turnbaugh) (Baby Grace Ingalls), Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson/Dalton, town bully).

Huge reunion for 50th anniversary in March 2024

(Like all pictures on this site, you can click on this to see it bigger.)
The huge cast reunion held in Simi Valley, California, in March 2024.
Back row standing, left to right: Michael Landon Jr. (son of the late Michael Landon), Olivia Barash (Sylvia Webb in Sylvia), Pamela Roylance (Sarah Carter), Tracie Savage (Christy Kennedy), Jennifer and Michelle Steffin (older Baby Rose twins), Victor French Jr. (son of the late Victor French), unknown, Brian Part (Carl Sanderson/Edwards), Jennifer Donati (younger Baby Rose), Jonathan Hall Kovacs ("Wild Boy" Matthew Rogers/Edwards), Lucy Lee Flippin (Eliza Jane Wilder), Wendi and Brenda Turnbaugh (Baby Grace twins), David Friedman (Jason Carter), Patrick Laborteaux (Andy Garvey), Dean Butler (Almanzo Wilder), Lee Tracy Hall French (daughter of the late Victor French).
Front row seated, left to right: Charlotte Stewart (Eva Beadle/Simms), Ketty Lester (Hester-Sue Terhune), Leslie Landon (Etta Plum and other roles), Jonathan Gilbert (Willie Oleson!), Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls Wilder), Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls), Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson/Dalton), Rachel Lindsay Greenbush and Sidney Robyn Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls twins).
Linwood Boomer (Adam Kendall) was there but isn't in this photo, as was Bonnie Bartlett (Grace Snider/Edwards).
The biggest M.I.A.s include Melissa Sue Anderson (Mary Ingalls/Kendall) and Matthew Laborteaux (Albert Quinn/Ingalls and young Charles).

The real-life Ingalls family

The real-life Ingalls clan. Left to right: Caroline, Grace, Laura, Charles, Carrie and Mary.


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M.01 Look Back to Yesterday  (203 - 2‑hour TV movie)

M.02 Bless All the Dear Children  (204 - 2‑hour TV movie)

M.03 The Last Farewell  (205 - 2‑hour TV movie)


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